Altar Ministry

A.L.T.A.R. is an acronym for: Always Lead Them Appropriately, Respectfully Our responsibility at the ALTAR Ministry is to provide a comfortable, secure atmosphere by conveying a pleasant demeanor and a professional appearance to seek to discover the person's need with gentleness, tact and respect. We are to be specific when praying with an individual who has responded to the invitation given. We are prepared to lead someone to Christ by using the four components of evangelism.

  1. Admit: One must agree with the Bible that says "all have sinned," We all were born sinners.
  2. Believe: One must believe that Christ is the Son of God and the only one who can forgive and save sinners.
  3. Repent: One must be sorry for their sins and willing to surrender their life to Christ.
  4. Receive: One must receive Christ as Lord of their life by praying for God to accept them.