Sunday, April 01, 2018

People are quick to believe myths about the Resurrection because of myths they were told from childhood. Myths like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are harmless, but there are some myths about God that are very harmful.They've robbed us of our  happiness; they’ve led to guilt and shame.  Some have caused worry, stress, fear and some of us have lost our hope in God.

The very first use of the word hope is in the Old Testament book of Ruth. Chapter 1 opens with a Hopeless Situation, there’s a famine; the men in the family die, leading Naomi to believe the myth, “The hand of the Lord is against her.” In Chapter 2 there’s Hopeful Anticipation. Ruth finds favor with Boaz, a kinsman able to redeem the land Naomi’s family owned.

Chapter 3 opens with Hopeful Expectation. Boaz assures Ruth that he is willing to redeem her. In Chapter 4, it concludes with Hope Filled Gratification when Boaz, Rahab’s son, redeems Ruth, who gives birth to Obed, who becomes Jesse’s father, who is King David’s father. Today’s message continues with A Dose of Hope pictured in Luke 24 where people were hoping Jesus would be their redeemer. Some people do not believe that Jesus is alive, but Job did. In Job 19:25, he said, “I know that my redeemer lives.” Do you and do you want to be redeemed? This Easter will you trust Jesus to redeem your soul and pay your sin debt so that you can be adopted into the family of God?

Today is the day of salvation. Happy Easter!