What Is Your Spiritual DNA?

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Last year I decided to send a sample of my DNA to Ancestry.com to discover my DNA history. I discovered my African ancestry was 34% Benin/Togo, 21% Cameroon/Congo and 10% other.  If you ever want to calculate how many ancestors you’ve had, say in the past five hundred years, start off with your two parents. Each of them had two parents, so multiply two times two. And each of them had two parents, so multiply that number times two. Then continue two times two times two times two — twenty-one times. That’s twenty-one generations, and that takes you back five to six hundred years. Your final calculation will tell you that over two million ancestors have been swirling around in your gene pool. 

Each one of us has had millions of unknown characters dancing in our DNA, waltzing with our chromosomes, fiddling with our genetic makeup. And every one of those two million or more characters is part of our ancestry — our crazy, mixed-up family if you will. Confronting this reality can have a rather humbling effect on us. But running through this mixture of humanity and leading straight to us is a common thread. Each of our ancestors, in her or his own way, thought of God. Each, in her or his own way, sought God, prayed to God, struggled mightily to know God, or desperately tried to ignore the reality of God.

In 1988, I got to know God mightily when I accepted Christ as my Savior. Now that I’m born again, my spiritual DNA is identified with Christ. I’m not 34%, 21% or 10% Christian; I’m a 100% percent child of God by the blood of Christ who also filled me with His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is my source of power to achieve wholeness of life. Without Him I am powerless to fulfill my human potential. Jesus said in John 15:5, “Cut off from Me you can do nothing." If you're willing to BELIEVE in Christ, you too can BECOME what God made you to BE, born again with His spiritual DNA.