Did you know there are 16,000 people who live in the three-mile radius of our church? Did you know that many of them do not attend any church? Do you want to be about the business of changing our neighborhood for Christ? Well, you can! God said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Are you willing to humble yourself and pray so that God can heal our community?

Please make a New Year’s resolution to humble yourself and pray so that God can use you to fulfill His Word. To know for whom to pray,just sign up at and you’ll receive five names daily of your neighbors who live in the three-mile radius of your home.

When you login to, it’ll take you to the place to register. Look for the word “LIGHTS”, and click BlessEveryHome.comunderneath “LIGHTS.” You’ll be asked to select a church. Choose New Covenant Fellowship. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Bless Every Home with your neighbor’s names and a sample prayer to pray.

If you do not, however, have access to the Internet, in today’s bulletin is a BlessEveryHome form for you to fill out. Fill it out, drop it in the offering basket and we can get you a copy of the 100 names of the people in your neighborhood for you to pray for.

In Ecclesiastes 4:12 it states, “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.” Do you believe God will heal our land if we pray? If you do will you “stand back-to-back” with 160 of us to pray for our neighbors and the spiritual healing of families and communities?