It is an honor being a pastor. It’s a calling that I take seriously. My desire is to put God at the center of everything I do. It is my responsibility to uphold truth over relevance; people over profit; ministry over marketing. I saw the following in Share about 5 ways to encourage your pastor. 1. Understand the Weight of Their Calling: When God calls a pastor, it’s a big deal. They are now employed by God and working for the Kingdom. It’s a joyful experience, yet a frightful one. Ministry bears more stress than most professions as it deals with the emotional, spiritual and psychological realm in terms of God and humans. The weight and responsibility of this profession is heavy. Their work is more than just an hour-long sermon on Sunday morning. 2. Don’t Put Them on A Pedestal: The highest trees catch the most wind. You can be guaranteed that those in pastoral positions will attract the most scrutiny and judgment. They are consistently under a microscope: how they talk, how they dress, how they preach, what they preach, how they pray. Our reverence for the pastor is often so exaggerated that we wrap them in a bubble of holiness and are very surprised when they act like humans. 3. Your Pastor Is Not Superman: Only a super-human can teach, preach, lead worship, minister to the youth, heal the sick, do outreach, head up the building fund, administer the church finances, do counseling and take care of their family all at the same time. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on pastors. They cannot be all things to all people. 4. Your Pastor Needs Time with God and Family: The church is God’s family, but pastors have a family of their own. Pastors are also accountable to God, which means they need time with God in prayer, study and rest. If your pastor burns-out, disaster will surely follow. 5. Your Pastor Needs Encouragement More Than Advice: There is nothing more frustrating than for someone to need encouragement, only to get an earful of advice from a person with absolutely no perspective or insight into their situation. Encourage your pastors. Lift them up. Speak life into their ministry. Remind them of the joy of their calling. Pray with them. Bless them!