The Night Before Christmas

Sunday, December 5, 2021

with Rev. David Haskins Executive Director for Young Life Ministries

A. John 1:19-23

B. A look back at how we arrived at this place
– In the beginning the diversity and unity of creation – God’s design
– Story of Dali
– Erase the signature
-Chairs illustration (maybe, I need to see if logistically it will work, but is not a big deal)
Isaiah 59:1&2
– 33 trapped miners

C. A rescue needed
– God had a plan and for centuries he gave us glimpses of what was to come
Job 39:9 NIV Some translations have unicorn – but the NIV says a wild ox which is a better translation
Isaiah 7:4
Isaiah 9:6,7
Isaiah 40:3-5
Micah 5:2

D.The world sits deep in the tunnel, in the darkness, but we hold this hope.

We SHOW people Christ by evangelizing; GROW people in Christ in discipleship groups, and GLORIFY God, that’s our chief purpose.

(c) 2021 New Covenant Fellowship Church, Chattanooga, TN