The Gospel of John introduces the Lord Jesus Christ with three tremendous statements: “In the beginning was the Word,” “And the Word was with God,” “And the Word was God.”

“The Word” is one of the highest and most profound titles of the Lord Jesus Christ. To determine the exact meaning is not easy. Notice how important the Word is in the Old Testament. For instance, the name Jehovah was never pronounced. It was such a holy word that they never used it at all. But this is the One who is the Word and, gathering up everything that was said of Him in the Old Testament, He is now presented as the One “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” That beginning can be dated, although I do not believe that anyone can date it accurately. It probably goes back billions and billions of years. You see you and I are dealing with the God of eternity. When you go back to creation, He is already there, and that is exactly the way this is used – “in the beginning was the Word.” Notice it is not is the Word; it was not in the beginning that the Word started out. The word Was, is as a durative imperfect, meaning continued unbroken action.

The second statement is this, “and the Word was with God.” That means He is separate and distinct from God the Father. You cannot identify Him as God the Father because He is with God. “But,” someone may say, “If He is with God, He is not God.” The third statement sets us straight, “and the Word was God.” This is a clear, emphatic declaration that the Lord Jesus Christ is God. In fact, the Greek is more specific than this, because in the Greek language the important word is placed at the beginning of the sentence and it reads, “God was the Word.” That is emphatic; you cannot get it more emphatic than that.

As you start this New Year, are you starting out with “the Word” who “was with God” and “who was God?” Genesis opens with “In the beginning God…” Did you begin this New Year with God? He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Is He your God?

For His Glory,
Pastor Bernie Miller