Names of God: Jehovah-Rapha

Sunday, April 3, 2022

with Dr. Bernie Miller

A. 2 Kings 20:1, 4-5 NASB 

B. Repentance requires o physical motions:

Turning from evil

Returning to God 

C. Hosea 6:1 NLT­ 

D. Exodus 15:1-11 NASB 

E. Don’t let your confession of faith about God contradict your profession of faith in God. 

F. Exodus 15:22-27 NASB 

G. How to turn Bitterness into Blessedness

Don’t complain about it.

Cry out to the Lord about it.

Do what God tells you to do about it. 

H. God will test what we confess. 

I. God would heal them if they:

Listen to His voice;

Do what’s right in His eyes;

Keep His statutes 

J. Exodus 13:17-22 NASB 

K. 1 Corinthians 1:18 NASB

We SHOW people Christ by evangelizing; GROW people in Christ in discipleship groups, and GLORIFY God, that’s our chief purpose.

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