The Japanese Navy’s attack on Pearl Harbor was like nothing we’d ever seen. And our atomic bomb response was nothing the world had had ever seen. And Chattanooga, I think it was 2016, five servicemen shot at our recruiting and reserve centers, and it was like nothing we’d ever seen. George Floyd’s murder. The Texas tragedy with those kids murdered in Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Columbine. The pandemic was all like nothing we’d ever seen.

Negative news about senseless violence, high gas prices, homelessness, viruses, food shortages, and deaths of loved ones break our hearts. And if your heart’s not broken over what happened this past week, something’s wrong with your emotion. All of those incidents and events create fear and anxiety in us.

I was struck by the notion that politicians in Washington think that coming up with some new laws for us to follow will change a person’s behavior. And I thought about that and aid, wait a minute, God gave the ten commandments written with his very finger, and you know, what happened? There was always somebody who broke them. There is someone who can keep God’s commandments and all the prophecies. So, he sent that someone, and that someone was Jesus Christ. The Father also gave us the Holy Spirit, and he will be in you, and he will cause you to walk in His ways.

He says God will take away the heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. And then he will put his spirit in us. And when his spirit is in us, he will cause us to walk in His ways. You can’t develop a law to keep a person from finding a gun from somewhere to shoot somebody. As soon as you say do not, somebody will do it; a crook will find a way to be crooked.

A basketball coach said he was tired of moments of silence for victims. He said I’m tired of people praying in silence – what does it matter? Well, everybody’s always talking about the science. What about science? Get you a vaccine because all the science, well, let me tell you, prayer has a science. Florida state research has found that prayer for someone increases our ability to forgive them. The University of Miami discovered prayer regrows regions in our brain that improve self-control.

They also found out that prayer also reduces the emotional toll of financial stress. That’s the science! We feel less anxious, by the way, when we pray. And that goes along with what God tells us to do; God says to be anxious for nothing. But in everything by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving, present your request to God.

So on the scientific side, prayer works, and on the spiritual side, prayer works. So a moment of silence by the right person does something powerful. So don’t tell me to keep quiet, and I’m tired and fed up with having taken prayer out of school and other places. You want to know why crime has gone up because you took God out!

Whenever you exclude God from anything, you got a problem. Do you know what you got? You got people making and raising hell.

They want to be so scientific. And I said, okay, I will give you all some signs. Researchers have also found that when we praise God seven minutes a day and then go to bed at night when we wake up, here’s what happens. We wake up with 300 million more brain cells because we pray seven praise God, seven minutes a day.

That’s a scientific fact. You want the science, and I’m giving you the science, but Philippians tells us something else spiritually. It says to rejoice in the Lord. Always. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. And in Psalm 20, David says some praise God! I will praise our God, the Lord, my banner. So there’s a scientific reason to pray, but there are also Biblical reasons. Columbia University researchers discovered as those who regularly attend church are 90% less likely to suffer from depression than those who do not involve themselves in any religious activity.

So, you know why people all crazy is because they’re not coming to a church. They’re not getting involved in any kind of religious exercise. So those folks out there, those ten percenters, are causing problems, man. But the 90% of the people who rely on God, man, you know, make a difference in our lives.

And that’s why Hebrews says, do not neglect the assembling of the saints as some of you have been in the practice of doing.

Pastor Bernie Miller